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Will Irving

Will has been Professor and Honorary Consultant in Virology at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust since 2002.

He currently chairs the National Strategy Group for Viral Hepatitis, having previously chaired the Department of Health Advisory Group on Hepatitis (AGH). He is a member of the Advisory Committee Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) which advises UK ministers and health departments on the most appropriate ways to ensure the safety of blood, cells tissues and organs for transfusion/transplantation, and is currently chairing a SaBTO working group on transmission of hepatitis B virus from donors with occult infection.

His research interest is in the natural history of hepatitis C virus infection.  He co-chaired "HCV Research UK", a multi-centre consortium creating a national cohort, clinical database and biobank of 12,000 patients infected with HCV, and was the biomarker worstrand lead in the MRC Stratified Medicine programme STOP-HCV.  Will established the STOP-HCV cirrhosis study in HCV Research UK, recruiting >1200 people with liver cirrhosis with deep clinical and genomic phenotyping that will now feed into the DeLIVER studies.  Will has co-led the set up of the PEarl study across the UK.