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John Connell

Dr John Connell is Senior Scientist and Cancer Lead at Perspectum Diagnostics.  He incorporates data science and image analysis within project management to deliver large international clinical trials to generate evidence supporting imaging technologies.  Perspectum have created novel medical imaging technologies to improve the risk assessment for liver cancer patients prior to their surgery and this new product has progressed through regulatory clearance set for wider adoption.

John was previously a post-doctoral imaging specialist at Centre for Advance Biomedical Imaging (CABI) in London, performing cutting edge perfusion MRI within a variety of models including cancer, fibrosis and stem cell research.  He was Co-Chair of the British young group of the European Society for Molecular Imaging.  He completed a DPhil in Oncology at the gray Institute for Radiation Oncology & Biology evaluating the permeabilisation fo the blood-brain barrier at sites of cerebral cancer metastasis.

John is supporting and advising on the use and analysis of Perspectum technologies for HCC early detection and risk stratification in the DeLIVER program.